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Faults that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the bag filter

2021-06-22 11:48:10

In the daily operation of the bag filter, due to changes in operating conditions, certain failures will affect the operation and dust removal efficiency of the bag filter. Regular inspections and appropriate adjustments are required to extend the service life of the bag and reduce consume. So let's take a look at the issues that need to be paid attention to. Pulse bag filter equipment

1. Operation record

In the daily operation, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections and record them accurately, so that the system can be judged according to the pressure difference of the system, the temperature of the inlet and outlet, and the voltage and current of the main motor, and the fault can be solved in time for normal operation.

2. Resistance status

The U-type differential pressure gauge can be used to judge the operation status: if the pressure difference increases, it means that the bag is blocked, there is condensation on the bag, the ash cleaning mechanism fails, the ash hopper accumulates too much dust to block the bag, and the gas flow increases. Case. A drop in differential pressure can mean a broken or loose bag, a blocked inlet pipe, or a closed valve. There is leakage between the box or each sub-chamber, and the fan speed slows down.

3. Temperature-generated phenomenon

The bag filter should pay attention to taking measures to prevent burning and fire accidents. When dealing with combustion gases or gases with high temperature, unburned dust, sparks, and gases with combustion or properties often enter the dust removal system. Some dusts have the property of spontaneous combustion or electrification. It is easy to burn, and friction is easy to generate static electricity. Under such operating conditions, there are hazards of combustion and accidents. The consequences of such accidents are very serious. It should be noted that this happens. The following measures should be taken:

(1) A combustion chamber or spark trap is set in front of the dust collector to burn or trap unburned dust and gas.

(2) Measures to prevent electrostatic accumulation, all parts are grounded with conductive materials.

(3) Prevent the accumulation or accumulation of dust, so as to avoid the spontaneous combustion of dust.

(4) Before entering the bag room or pipeline inspection or maintenance, ventilation should be done to prevent CO poisoning.

The above suggestions are the faults that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the bag filter and the solutions to these problems. I hope you can refer to the treatment method after the bag filter has problems. I hope to be helpful.