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Do you know the reason for the damage to the bag of the pulse dust collector?

2021-06-22 03:04:53

The filtering wind speed of the pulse dust collector is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust collector bag. In recent years, some units have consciously costed equipment and increased profits. When designing a bag filter, the wind speed of the filter. In the short term, the user does not respond, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened. In this way, the customer does not save money, but takes on a large financial burden and spends a lot of time. Pulse bag filter

The choice of bag fabric depends on the nature of the dust. There is consideration whether the dust contains acids, alkalis or corrosive substances. According to the nature of the dust, select the suitable filter material, so that the dust collector bag can properly absorb the dust without affecting the service life.

The key to the filter bag is to correctly select the filter bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, the selected filter bag will use the temperature normally, the service life of the filter bag will be shortened, and it will burn out in a short time. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, the inlet temperature of the filter should be calculated and the corresponding filter bag should be selected.