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Some maintenance needs to be done for a single-machine pulse dust collector

2021-06-22 11:45:25

The single-machine pulse dust collector is a convenient dust removal device with a small footprint and is suitable for use in manufacturers who do not have a lot of space. Can move with the cleaning point. When we use the single-machine pulse dust collector, we will encounter faults and problems, so how to maintain it, let me take you to understand. Wet electrostatic precipitator

1. During the operation of the equipment, there must be a special person to manage it and make a good operation record.

2. Managers should be familiar with the principle, performance and use conditions of the dust collector, and master the rhythm of operation and the maintenance method of the equipment.

3. Regularly add lubricating oil to the parts of the equipment that need lubricating oil.

4. Always check whether the pulse cleaning system of the dust collector is normally blowing. If it is not normal, check whether the pulse valve diaphragm and solenoid valve are malfunctioning or damaged, and repair or replace them in time.

5. If the pulse valve fails, it should be eliminated in time. If there are foreign objects such as impurities and moisture inside, it should be cleaned in time, and the diaphragm should be replaced in time if it is damaged.

6. Regularly check the condition of the cylinder and each flange, and replace the sealing ring in time if there is air leakage.

7. The sealing strip on the inspection door should be replaced in time if it is aging.

8. Regularly measure process parameters, such as gas volume, temperature, concentration, etc., and find the cause of abnormality and deal with it in time.

9. Regularly check whether the operation is normal according to the fluctuation of equipment operating resistance.

10. The cloth bag is a vulnerable part, the user should check the working condition of the cloth bag regularly and consider replacing it in time according to the damage degree of the filter bag.

11. Regularly check the working conditions of the gas system and the ash discharge system, and find any abnormalities that should be eliminated in time.

12. According to the accumulation of water in the water separator in the compressed air system, discharge the accumulated water regularly.

13. When shutting down, after the process system is stopped, the dust collector and fan should be kept working for a period of time to remove moisture and dust in the equipment. At the same time, before the dust collector stops working, it is necessary to repeat the operation of cleaning and unloading the dust.