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What are the characteristics of the structure of each component of the pulse bag filter?

2021-06-22 03:10:21

Pulse bag filter is a kind of dust removal unit with small size, smart appearance and dust removal. All parts of the dust collector are installed in a vertical frame, the steel plate shell, the overall rust removal and baking paint, the appearance is beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and convenient. It is mainly suitable for the dust removal application of small density non-fibrous dust, and the dust removal efficiency can be above 76%. Wet electrostatic precipitator

The structural characteristics of each component of the pulse bag filter:

●The air inlet interface on the upper side of the pulse bag filter can be folded down when needed to facilitate the use of the air inlet area.

●The dust-cleaning mechanism of the filter part adopts the motor to drive the eccentric wheel, and the connecting rod makes the cloth bag vibrate and the dust sticks to the outer surface of the filter bag. The control device is divided into two types: automatic control and manual control. Automatic control means that when the fan is working continuously, the cleaning mechanism automatically vibrates and cleans the dust at regular intervals. Manual control means that the cleaning mechanism automatically works after the fan stops, and stops automatically after tens of seconds. , the length of cleaning time is adjusted by the user to adjust the time relay.

●The fan component adopts imitation centrifugal fan, which has large air volume, high air pressure, hard characteristic curve of the fan, and adopts noise reduction measures to reduce noise during use.

●The filter unit is equipped with a wide and sealed knock-down access door for inspection and removal of the filter when needed.

●The pulse bag filter can be specially made according to the actual needs of the design unit or the user.

●The parts of the pulse bag filter adopt the bucket structure, which is convenient for dusting.

●The filter part adopts 208 industrial polyester twill flannel as the filter material of the flat bag filter, each bag is equipped with a spring wire mesh, the filtering effect is good, the filter bag is convenient to change, and the service life is long.

●There are 16 specifications of pulse bag filter, divided into A and B types. Type A is provided with an ash bucket drawer, and Type B is not provided with an ash bucket drawer. Flange is added to the lower part; directly matched by the user.

Dust removal is carried out on the dust-raising equipment such as the discharge port of the silo, the mixing warehouse, the sandblasting box, and the belt conveyor U-turn, and the dust is directly recovered.

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