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What problems should be paid attention to in the application process of pulse bag filter

2021-06-22 03:06:46

There will be various problems during the operation of the pulse bag filter. Prepare measures to deal with various problems in advance. The pulse bag filter is a kind of dust removal equipment with relatively high dust removal efficiency. Various problems may occur during operation. Let's find out. Pulse bag filter

1. During the long-term shutdown period, pay full attention to the cleaning and rust prevention of the fan to prevent dust and rain from entering the bearing (pay attention to the moisture-proof of the motor). Before stopping the operation, the ash accumulation in the ash hopper should be removed. The cleaning mechanism and driving part should be sufficient.

2. Prevent the accumulation or accumulation of dust, so as to avoid the spontaneous combustion of dust.

3. Moisture condensation often occurs in the bag room. This is the moisture-containing gas, which is caused by the cooling of the gas generated by combustion. Therefore, before the system is cooled, the moisture-containing gas should be discharged and replaced with dry air. After the process equipment stops running, the exhaust fan of the bag filter should run for a period of time before it stops running.

4. Before people enter the bag room or pipeline for inspection or maintenance, ventilation should be done to prevent CO poisoning.

5. Set up a combustion chamber or a spark trap in front of the dust collector to burn unburned dust and gas or trap sparks.

6. During the period when the bag filter is stopped, regular short-term operation (dry operation) is the normal operation and maintenance method of the dust removal system.

7. Take measures to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, ground each part with conductive materials, or add conductive fibers when the filter material is manufactured.