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HY-LFGM pulse bag filter

HY-LFGM pulse bag filter

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  • Release date:2022-03-21 13:09:19
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HY-LFGM pulse bag filter is the ideal dust removal equipment at present. It has good ventilation, high dust removal efficiency, and has a certain acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance. The removal effect is good, and the dust removal rate can reach 99.99%. HY-LFGM pulse bag filter can not only deal with dust gas with general concentration, but also can deal with high concentration dust gas up to 1300g/Nm3. Widely used in construction ceramics, machinery factories, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, cement, coal-fired boilers and environmental protection dust removal and other industries. Pulse bag filter

The dust collector bag is made of PPS needle-punched filter felt, which has complete strength retention and inherent chemical resistance, which can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments and achieve an ideal service life.

Dust removal principle:

HY-LFGM air box pulse bag dust collector is designed based on the principle of sub-box offline cleaning device. There is a poppet valve driven by a cylinder on the outlet pipe on the side of each chamber. When the dust collector filters the dusty gas for a certain period of time (or the resistance reaches a preset value), the dust removal control will send a signal, and the poppet valve of the chamber It is closed to cut off the filtered air flow, and then the pulse valve of this box is opened, and the compressed air greater than 0.5MPa is sprayed into the clean air chamber through the pulse valve, which causes the filter bag to expand rapidly and removes the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag. When this action is completed (about 10~20 seconds), the poppet valve is reopened, the filter bag of this chamber returns to the filtering state, and the next chamber enters the cleaning state, and the time interval is adjustable; then one by one Carry out according to the above requirements, until the cleaning of the last chamber is completed, it is a cleaning cycle.


Process flow diagram




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