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What is the reason why the pulse bag filter is difficult to clean and easy to block

2021-06-22 11:50:47

The pulse bag filter is difficult to clean and easy to block. What is the reason? According to our summary, it is mostly because the nature of the dust is not fully considered before the design, and the high filtration wind speed is blindly selected in order to reduce the investment of the equipment. To choose a good bag filter first, it is necessary to correctly understand and understand the relationship between the dust removal power and the filtering wind speed, the cleaning function and the filtering resistance. Pulse bag filter

Among the several parameters of the pulse bag filter, the filtering wind speed is the key, and it is necessary to know the properties of the dust-containing gas and dust.

1. It is necessary to know the bulk density or accumulation specific gravity of the dust, that is, the weight of the dust per unit volume. The unit volume includes the volume of the dust particle itself, the micropores of the dust particle itself adsorbed on the surface of the dust particle, the air volume, and the gap between the dust particles. To find out the bulk density of dust is of great significance for ventilation and dust removal, because it is closely related to the cleaning function of dust.

2. To know the chemical and physical properties of dusty gas, such as moisture content, temperature, chemical composition and properties. The determination of these parameters is directly related to the additional treatment method of dust removal and the selection of filtering wind speed. If some dusty gas contains chemical components such as chlorides, chlorides are generally easy to "absorb moisture". If no additional measures are taken, it may lead to "paste bags" of dust removal bags.

3. To know the particle size distribution of the dust. The particle size of dust is its fundamental characteristic, and it is composed of particles of various particle sizes.

4. To know the viscosity of dust. Viscosity is a property that attracts each other between dusts or between dust and surface molecules. For bag filter, the effect of viscosity is more prominent, because the dust removal power and filtration resistance depend to a large extent on the ability to clean the dust from the filter material.

In the design process, there are also relevant parameters that cannot be ignored. You must know that it is still objectively difficult to collect the data from the above four aspects comprehensively and accurately, from the current practice of dust removal equipment design in my country.